Friday, December 12, 2008


So the turkey I cooked for Thanksgiving turned out okay even though the stove and oven caught on fire and I had to throw flour all over it. Thank goodness I had wrapped the turkey in tin foil because the nice fireman who came to my house said the chemical stuff they sprayed all over the stove and oven to be sure the fire was out probably wasn't good for the turkey. He also said the scorch marks on the walls might come out if I leave a baking soda paste on it overnight.

I learned something else new on Thanksgiving. You know those refridgerated dinner rolls you heat in the oven? They explode if you put them in the microwave.

It must be obvious by now that I am not a cook. I have tried and tried, but it is not something I do well, no matter how much thought and effort I put into it. For me it is a good reminder that we all have strengths and weaknesses and it is okay for a person to not do something well. That's because we each have many things we can do very well.

I think it is important to focus on the many things we each can do, rather than the few things we can't. And whenever I am reminded with firetrucks and smelly chemical foam that i am not a cook, I am filled with gratitude that I have food to cook and a home to cook it in. I may not have a stove to cook it on right now, but that is a temporary problem.

Here's hoping that during this holiday season eveyone finds many things they excel at, and even more things they are grateful for.

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