Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What Matters to You?

What matters to you? Truly matters? The death of my son has made me realize how often we have dreams that never are fulfilled, how often we plan to do things that we never get to do. What do you want to do?

Whether it is vacationing in Ireland, winning a world championship, completing a 100-mile endurance ride, or paying off your mortgage, if it is saving the whales, starting a new school, running for office, getting a stop sign on that dangerous corner, if it truly matters to you, you can do it. We all get so busy with day-to-day life that those things that are truly important get lost. My son had things that he wanted to do that he will never have the chance to complete, so what matters to me now is doing some of those things on his behalf. What is important to you?

Often, at my seminars, people are surprised to realize they are so caught up in daily life that they don't know anymore what matters to them. I suggest they take five minutes, fifteen minutes, an hour to sit quietly and think of the one single most important thing in life, then make plans to nurture that. Then choose the top three, top five, top ten things, then make a plan to increase the presence of those things in life.

Life is for living, for reaching mountaintops, for achieving the impossible. It is also for spending time with loved ones, and enjoying quiet time. What matters to you?